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EPA Ethanol E-85 Waiver News Release Jan 21, 2011

On January 21, 2011, EPA granted a partial waiver for E15 for use in MY2001-2006 light-duty motor vehicles. These decisions were based on test results provided by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and other information regarding the potential effect of E15 on vehicle emissions. Taken together, the two actions allow, but do not require, E15 to be introduced into commerce for use in MY2001 and newer light-duty motor vehicles if conditions for mitigating misfueling and ensuring fuel quality are met. EPA is in the process of completing work on regulations that would provide a more practical means of meeting the conditions.

On Oct 13, 2010 the EPA approved the voluntary use of up to a 15% ethanol blend (E15) for cars and light trucks with a model year of 2007 and newer.  The EPA denied the E15 waiver request for vehicles of 2000 and older and for motorcycles, heavy-duty vehicles, and non-road engines, vehicles and equipment.  The EPA deferred a decision on E15 for 2001-06 vehicles until after the DOE finishes its testing on those vehicles in November 2010.